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Assessing the films

So ...

  • Which film was your favorite? Least favorite?
  • Which film are you most likely to watch again? Least likely?
  • Which film was the best "discovery" for you?
  • For any film you had seen previously, what did you learn from watching in class?
  • Which film was the most interesting from the perspective of the class concepts and theme? Least interesting?


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Linnea Dawson

My favorite film was probably Arrival or 12 Monkeys.
My least favorite was probably Memento but I didn't dislike the movie. I just had lukewarm feelings about. I would watch it again if someone wanted to but it's not gonna show up in my DVD (yes I still have those. Gotta be prepared for wifi outages!) anytime soon.
I guess the best discovery was 12 Monkeys, I hadn't seen it before the class and I really liked it.
I had seen Eternal Sunshine, Vertigo, and Arrival before and the class helped me see the significance of mis-en-scene. When you're just casually watching a movie you dont really see these aspects. It helped me understand what was going on in Arrival a lot more than before.
Arrival was interesting just because its aspect of time is so weird.

Ryan Giles

My favorite film to watch in the class was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind and my least favorite would be Vertigo. I think the film that I would watch again is Vertigo, to give it another chance and the one I would least watch again would be Arrival. I mean it was a good movie but I wouldn't watch it again. The best discovery that I had was watching Eternal Sunshine again. The last time I saw it was back in 2010 and watching it again in class was a real eye-opener for me. The last movie I saw was called Mayhem and while watching the film I was looking at the different shots to take to capture the rampage that we saw in people. The most interesting film in the class was Memento and the least interesting for Twelve Monkeys.

Garret Adams

My favorite movies were probably Arrival and 12 Monkeys and my least favorite was probably Vertigo. I enjoyed Memento but it was not my favorite for sure. I enjoyed the movies that were picked to view throughout this term and i think they all added something a little different to the class each week.

Jose Hernandez

It’s hard to choose only one favorite film since I really enjoyed watching all of them. But If I have to choose one I would have to say Memento. The second re-watch I notice new things that I totally missed the first time. I feel like Memento is one of those movies that you notice new things the more times you watch the film. I liked the film because it always kept me engaged and guessing what is coming next.
The least favorite film would be Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004) The reason being that I felt like the movie was a little awkward and just a little different than what I’m used to.
I would be like to watch Vertigo again sometime, I felt like I didn’t get the full grasp of the movie and I wouldn’t mind re-watching it and analyzing it again
Least likely would be Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004). Only because it was hard to watch the awkwardness of it.
Best discovery for me was Memento, I haven’t seen it before and I kept learning new things with our classroom discussions.
I haven’t seen any of these films before, but I learned a great deal from every single one. from the camera angles, parallel shots, props, color, closed and opened frames. And the use of sound and transitions from past present and future.
I believe all the films were connected to the class concepts and we learned a lot from each and every one of them.

Becky Bond

I think my top picks for the class were Arrival and Eternal Sunshine while me least favorite were Memento and 12 Monkeys, by far. I would watch Arrival again in a heart beat. Surprisingly, even though it was at the bottom of my list, I think I discovered the most from watching Memento.

Josh Riddell

My favorite film in this class was 12 Monkeys. My least favorite would be Vertigo. I think the reason i enjoyed watching 12 Monkeys the most was because I had a background and understanding of the movie and the timeline. The reason for Vertigo being my least favorite was because I think it was the slowest. The film I would watch again is Eternal Sunshine, I would like to watch that one again because I feel like I have gained more knowledge and information to help me analyze that movie more effectively.

The film for me with the best Discovery was Eternal Sunshine. After having the chance to discuss and analyze the film with Dr. Huston and the class it changed the way I watch and analyze movies. For the movies I have seen previously, I now look back and think about mise-en-scene and how the director incorporates it into the films. All the movies in the class had the general time and place theme. I thin they all worked well with each other to open the viewer's mind while watching these movies.

Kevin Smith

My favorite film from this class is a tie between Arrival and Eternal Sunshine. I really like all the films that we watched, but these two really stood out to me. I feel like anyone could watch Eternal Sunshine and get the themes and nuances on the first watch, but Arrival is a little harder to decipher at first. I guess it would depend on what kind of mood I'm in.

Gabriel Yanez

My favorite film was Memento, least favorite was Vertigo.
I would most likely watch Arrival again, it had a solid story to it. I would least like watch Vertigo due to Scottie.
The best discovery for me was Arrival.
I've seen Memento a few times before seeing it in class and I never caught on to the fact that Leonard appears in the chair in the hospital during the flash back. It added more context to the narrative and the narrative that Leonard was creating for himself.
Which film was the most interesting from the perspective of the class concepts and theme? Least interesting?
The film that was most interesting from the perspective of the class concept and theme was Arrival, with the least interesting being Vertigo. I felt that Vertigo barely met with criteria for the themes that were presented in the class.


My favorite film by far was Arrival. As for my least favorite it would have to be Vertigo. Vertigo definitely was the most boring to me out of all the films that we watched. The film that I'm most likely to watch again would have to be Eternal Sunshine or Arrival. I would not watch 12 Monkeys again. The best discovery for me was Eternal Sunshine, I had never seen this movie before and I really enjoyed it.

Jesus Hernandez

My favorite film to watch was Arrival. It was a little more entertaining. My least favorite movie to watch was Vertigo. This movie seemed to the most boring in my opinion. I would definitely watch Arrival again to see if i can observe any new details or a different perspective. I walnut watch Vertigo again, it wasn't very intreating to me. Out of all the movies, the one with the most interesting perspective from the class concepts would have to be Memento. This is another movie i wouldn't mind watching again.

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